increase member activity Booking and engagement

with a fully customised Web and Mobile App solution


Setting up the Member Echo IOS and Android App will help increase activity, bookings, and profitability in your club or hotel through a secure online member services application.

This App allows Club Members to login and manage their account statements, make an event or facility booking, reserve dining tables, receive booking reminders, and order from the club shop for pick up or delivery all at their finger-tips. Members can also receive targeted push notifications and email communication by subscribing to specific club interest sections (e.g. sport type, event type, news type, etc) within the App, so they are no longer spammed by long emails.

Our scalable solutions suit clubs and hotels of all sizes and types from sports, fitness, spas, golf, private members clubs and more. Read on to discover.

Member features

Login to a secure online Member Services Application

Check Account Statement on the go with your Mobile, Tablet or PC

Update your personal details, address and phone numbers with the Club

Update communication preferences and specific interests in the Club you wish to receive communications from

Receive push notifications and/or emails from Club notices, promotions and events you’re interested in

Event Bookings 24/7 – Search, browse and sign up to upcoming events at the Club, and amend bookings on the fly

Facility Bookings 24/7 – Search, browse and make facility bookings from your phone, tablet or PC and amend bookings on the fly

Table Bookings 24/7 – Search, browse and make a restaurant table reservation or private function booking and amend on the fly

Library Reservations 24/7 – Search, browse and reserve library books and movies, receive reminders for overdue books and amend reservations on the fly

Club eShop 24/7 – search, browse and order Club food, beverage and wine from an online e-commerce store and choose whether to pick up or get the order delivered to your home




1Define Member activities and objectives

2Define what engaged Members means for your Club, what activities drive profitability and what are the KPIs

3 Define engagement touch-points of Members

4 Review, audit and asses which Member Echo modules are most suited to create engagement members in your club

Step 2: member echo setup & customisation

1 Scoping of public Website and Member Services App and integration tactics of Club Management Software and POS vendor

2Design, setup and customise the Member Echo solutions for your Club Website and the Mobile App preferred features

3 Setup the Website and Members App online user bahaviour tracking and data analytics

4Setup as SAAS cloud solution or self hosted solution

Step 3: Member engagement activity

1 Educate and train your Members how to use the Web and Mobile App, set their interests, make bookings and use all your online Club member services at their finger tips

2Send out interest-based push notifications on events, news, notices and promotions Member's have subscribed to

3 Monitor Member online behaviour across all digital assets and analyse which marketing, events and promotions generates bookings, enquiries and activities within the Club

4 Use actionable data to focus marketing communications, events and promotions that drives the most Member engagement and brings the greatest profitability for your Club


Kurt Walter
General Manager, Ladies Recreation Club
We have had the great pleasure to work with MemberEcho to revamp our website and to create a club app that has allows us to serve our members more efficiently and give them the ability browse and book our club facilities in the most attractive way only possible.
The membership feedback has been positive throughout and these new membership communication tools are set up in such a way that they can be further expanded on, if need be.
Bruce Holliday
Operations Manager, Next Hotels & Resorts

The team leader at Member Echo, and MD at Boss Digital, Jonathan Gillespie planned and setup a booking engine and member feedback system that integrates with a range of property management software and POS systems across our group of 120 hotel across Australasia. This is a very successful application that is being used across the group and has improved bookings, operations and member satisfaction in the group.

 why member echo

15 years experience in booking systems & CRM

Maximise the full potential of your Club by investing in Member Engagement activities. Reduce running costs and dependency on call centre staff.

Certified Developers & Designs

Our designers and developers are certified in HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Phython and React Native Mobile App development framework.

Affordable Multi Platform Solution

We have a ready-made App that can be easily customised for your Club. We also have the ability to create you a Web App, IOS and Android App in one project, using Facebook’s Reactive Native framework. This brings cost savings for you!

Flexible Modules

Whether you’re a small club or a large one, our solutions are scalable. We have online Member Service solutions to suit all types.

ongoing support & upgrades

You’ll benefit from ongoing Web and Mobile App upgrades, feature enhancements and a support centre to ensure your Member Engagement App runs smoothly.


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